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Workforce management

Manage all operational processes regarding workforce management on a single system. Carry out mobile team tracking and shift management easily with user-friendly screens. Take advantage of Varuna's capability control screens to assign the most appropriate personnel to the incoming service request. Identifying the right workforce at the right time will optimize the service chain. Varuna's workforce management features also allow you to monitor certificates and trainings for each personnel. By using Varuna mobile, field personnel can enter status information instantly into the system, facilitating business processes. Switch to fast and accurate workforce management that will increase customer satisfaction with Varuna.

  • Personnel
  • Teams
  • Shift
  • Talent Management
  • Certificates&Trainings

Customer management and warranty processes follow-up

Improve your service quality with Varuna, which provides quick and easy access to all product and service records of your customers. Elevate your control in the dealer network by easily managing your wide service network on account and location basis. Varuna gives you access to historical data and supports you in providing quick solutions to your customers. Define and track warranty processes on a single platform. Varuna's advanced tracking and management functions lighten your load.

  • Customer & Dealer Management
  • Location Based Management
  • 3rd Party Service Tracking
  • Documentation

Work Order Planning

Work order planning, one of the most important steps of perfect service network management, is no longer a problem in Varuna. Correct work order planning affects many aspects from operational convenience to efficiency of the field personnel. Varuna's work order planning tool optimizes the efficiency and productivity of the field personnel. Control your service costs by tracking service costs and spare parts costs with Varuna.

  • Labor Attributes
  • Labor Price List
  • Spare Parts Tracking
  • Service Forms
  • Service Time

Service Channels Management

Business processes managed in the digital environment provide sustainability without being affected by the scope of your network. Centrally manage your authorized service network consisting of distributors and dealers with Varuna, which enables the management of all business processes on a single platform starting with the service request. Easily create the work plan of the field personnel with the drag and drop method, increase your service speed by assigning the closest and most suitable personnel to the service point, and monitor the field in real time. All the support that will increase your service quality is from Varuna. Additional functions such as the Information Center and recommended action reduce technicians' training time and improve work quality.

  • Service Request
  • Planning
  • Technician Calendar Management
  • Drag and Drop Method
  • Service Form Design
  • SMS & e-Mail Notification
  • Information Center & Suggested Actions
  • Tracking Mileage Cost
  • Real Time Field Tracking
  • Service Reports

Stock and Spare Parts Management

Reduce inventory ratios and costs with real-time information flow in warehouses and spare part movements. Monitor your products by grouping them according to the criteria you set, support your production planning decisions with accurate and instant field information. Following the serial and price information of spare parts on a single platform will minimize human-induced errors. Manage bill of materials (BOM) structures in Varuna, have full knowledge of product/stock information related to service processes. Varuna offers all the information and processes needed in service processes. Enriched with additional functions such as warranty tracking, tax rates and exchange rate, your burden in service processes is reduced.

  • Product Groups
  • Serial Tracking
  • Price List
  • Barcode & QR Code
  • Tax Rates
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Warranty Processes
  • Bill of Material (BOM)

Mobile Field Team

Strengthen communication between head office and field. With Varuna that provides instant information flow, field personnel perform their work flows in a safe environment regardless of location. The head office team can instantly see the status information related to service processes and can make adjustments on the map and calendar screens. Field personnel find everything they need in their daily work flow in Varuna. Strengthen your managerial decisions about the field by following all processes of the field personnel such as service, road and break times from the head office throughout the day. Field personnel can easily identify missing points by finding out the status information about work performance with daily reports. Manage mobile processes with Varuna, increase your control in the wide field environment.

  • Service Request Form
  • Monitoring Service Status
  • Map & Calendar View
  • Day Opening & Closing
  • Travel & Working Time
  • Expenses
  • Spare Parts & Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Collection
  • E-Signature
  • One Touch Phone & Navigation
  • Customer History

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