Meet an Innovation-Focused Team

Our Varuna

Today, Varuna has been developed with the power of Univera, which has more than 30 years of experience in digital transformation. Varuna, an idea that started to be developed in 2017, was written with the intense efforts of a large team. There are many features that make Varuna special. We have created a feature-rich solution by combining new generation technologies with practical and academic perspectives, and we aim that this will provide our customers with innovative business processes.

All these innovations and care carry us to #AnotherDimension. Our aim with Varuna is to lighten your load with end-to-end digitalization in business processes. Varuna, which provides a backdrop for your business ideas in a safe environment, takes mobile processes into focus and eliminates the barriers of physical distances. It minimizes the risks against sudden mandatory changes.

Different Team, Different Dimension

Today, we work for the development of our products and industry together with more than 180 employees. We support the sustainable development of our solutions with the studies we carry out in our on-site R&D center and in the scope of our project collaborations with TUBITAK.

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Why Varuna?

Varuna has been developed on hpaPaaS (High-productivity aPaaS). hpaPaaS enables rapid application development in the cloud, implementation and deployment. We digitize the platform and analytical functions business processes end-to-end.

  • 1.

    Scale-independent Use

    Varuna offers services regardless of company size. Deploy the solution quickly with its user-friendly features and support documents. Lighten your workload by identifying functions specific to your business processes, get lean.

  • 2.

    Speed and Efficiency

    Establish an instant communication network with Varuna, which combines mobile and field processes on a single platform. Prevent business interruptions by taking quick action against sudden changes. Increase speed and efficiency with a systematic business structure and directions for field personnel, and get a rising tract in customer satisfaction.

  • 3.

    Project Management

    Univera's professional service and project management system is at your service to ensure maximum efficiency from Varuna solutions. Experience the consultancy and internationally accepted project management steps of our professional team.

Our Mission

To develop software on a single platform with which brands can manage their sales, service and logistics processes, and to provide all services needed for the complete digitalization of these processes.

Our Vision

To increase and maintain our recognition in Turkey and to become known as the leading Turkish Software Company in its field within 10 years—first in the target countries and then in the world.