Varuna relieves your burden in your field service processes

Varuna was developed for fast and accurate digitalization in field of service management. Take your entire service network to another dimension, provide fast returns with its infrastructure and methodology

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Save 95% on resources in the business plan. Use a ready-to-use business plan modeled and defined with best practice processes.

Save 50% on resources in the implementation phase. Get configuration and documentation support ready for best possible business practices

Varuna Next Generation Business Solutions Platform

#AnotherDimension for your Business Processes

Field Service Management in the Cloud

Manage all business processes related to field service management in an integrated way in the cloud with Varuna.

Cloud Solution

Move workforce management to the cloud.

Innovation and competence

Bring your business ideas to action with new generation technologies.

New generation technologies

Benefit from integration and IoT conveniences.

Time and resource savings

Combine all personas and processes under one platform.

Your roadmap for digitalization in field service management with speed, efficiency and predictable costs is very simple with Varuna. Quickly deploy the solution in your service network with ready-to-use models, and experience the advantages of Varuna in a short time.


Start fast and expand with predefined project methodology.


Increase your service quality and efficiency with an easy-to-use solution.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by maintaining your standards with digital management at service points.

40% Time and Effort Savings Compared to Traditional Project Models

Compared to traditional methods in projects within the same scope, with Varuna Steady Deployment Methodology (SDM) save a minimum of 40% in time and effort

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